Lost Valley ABE Kindle Fire
DOB: 09/16/2012
ADGA - 1X JR. Grand Champion
AGS - 1X JR. Grand Champion
SIRE: Fall Creek MER Aberfoyle
SS: Fall Creek MAV Merlin      
SD: MCH Lost Valley JL Naya 5*D E
DAM: Hill Country's PG Boerne 3*D/2*M
DS: MCH/CH Lost Valley KW Pegasus *S
DD: ARMCH/GCH Hill Country's KW Bridges Burn 2*D/1*M
        2009 AGS National Champion
Kindle is a sweetie! She is a very flashy girl with a quiet and gentle personality. She is a small package
but is very well put together...a really pretty little doe. She has nice body capacity and dairy character. I
just LOVE the escutcheon on this girl! It is very high and wide and I am looking forward to seeing it
filled with an udder.
Bayou Country Z Niobe
DOB: 09/12/2014
-Blue eyes-
ADGA - 1X JR. Res. Grand Champion
AGS - 1X JR. Res Grand Champion
SIRE: MCH/CH Hill Country'S BB Zydeco
SS: MCH Steele Ballew Blue Bayou
SD: MCH Steele Ballew Carmen *D 
DAM: MCH/CH Lost Valley HLB Nori
DS: Lost Valley BDC Little Bear *S
DD: Lost Valley JL Niobe (deceased)
(Niobe’s dam is: ARMCH/GCH Lost Valley KW Nala E 4*D/3*M
2009 AGS Reserve National Champion Sr Doe)
Bayou Country CR Bon Temps
DOB: 03/01/2015
ADGA - 1X JR. Grand Champion
AGS - 1X JR. Grand Champion
SIRE: Creek Bottom Z Creole
SS: MCH/CH Hill Country'S BB Zydeco
SD: MCH/CH Lost Valley LG Andromeda
DAM: Lost Valley TB Halo 5*D
2013 AGS One-Day Test Awards:  #7 High Milk
DS: ARMCH Lost Valley Tae-Bo +/++B *S E (91.4)          
2009 & 2010 AGS National Champion
DD: ARMCH/GCH Lost Valley KW Nala E 4*D/3*M
2009 AGS Reserve National Champion Sr Doe
Bayou Country CG Esther
DOB: 02/15/2015
SIRE: Lost Valley CC Courageous *S/*B
SS: Lost Valley PG Casting Crowns +*S/+*B
SD: ARMCH/GCH Lost Valley KW Nala E 4*D/3*M
2009 AGS Reserve National Champion Sr Doe
DAM: Bayou Country NO Ruth
DS: MCH/CH Bayou Country SH Noble
DD: Lost Valley ML Cana
Picture Coming Soon!
Bayou Country FS Naomi
DOB: 03/02/2016
-Blue eyes-
SIRE: Lost Valley LL Fire Storm
SS: Lost Valley PG Leeland *S
SD: Lost Valley CC Ignite the Rain
DAM: Lost Valley ML Cana
DS: MCH Lost Valley Malachi *S
DD: ARMCH/GCH Lost Valley KW Shiraz 3*D/2*M
Picture Coming Soon!
Naomi is one of my first “Fire Storm” kids, I LOVE her! She is very long, a beautiful top line with
awesome feet and legs. She is very open and dairy. She has that “Look at ME” factor when you see her
moving about in the pasture. I am very pleased with what I am seeing in Storms first crop of kids.
Naomi did very well this spring in the 0-3 month old class placing 1st in her class every time except for
once, the judges all loved her and gave her a lot of positive remarks. I am looking forward to showing
her once she matures a little more. Naomi is still trying to decide if I am a friend or foe… challenge
accepted my girl! ;-)
Niobe is the littermate sister to Nola and the name sake of her grand dam Lost Valley JL Niobe, in honor
of Niobe for blessing me with my beautiful Nori. I had plans to sell this girl but she stayed a little too
long… I became attached to her and she was so bonded to Nola I hated to see them parted so she
stayed. She is not quite as long as her sister but still has nice length of body with awesome body
capacity… this girl is very wide with a lot of spring of rib, pretty top line and open. Like her sister I
cannot wait to see her freshen and mature.  Niobe has the same calm sweet temperament as her
sister…when she looks at you with her pretty blue eyes she just melts your heart.
My little Esther is a petite girl, she reminds me a lot of her mama who took a while to grow and fill out
into the beautiful mature doe that she is now. Esther is a very dairy doe, thin skinned and opened
ribbed. She is long bodied and smoothly blended, although I would like to see her a little more flatter in
the rump. Esther is a sweet girl but a little mischievous and likes to get into things. She is a little stinker!
Bon Temps is of French/Cajun origin meaning “Good Times”.  Oh how I love this girl! “Bonnie” is WIDE
as a tank, open, level top line, dairy with an awesome very high escutcheon… And cute as a bug! :-) The
judge that gave her the junior leg told me after, “When I saw her in the lineup, I thought oh that is a
cute little doeling but when I went down the line checking each and I put my hands on her and saw her
escutcheon I was like WOW!” <3 Needless to say I will be super excited to see this girls udder when she
freshens. And not only is she cute as a bug she is sweet, just like her mama!
NOTE: Unshaved pasture picture.